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Ethereal and all EP's and singles are available on the following online platforms: Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube, iHeart radio, Slacker, and many more worldwide.

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Rock and Roll Experience

Sonic Alchemy has now released 20 new original songs via a full length album, singles and EP's in addition to their 11 original song CD album titled, Ethereal. Steve Johnston has written some musically diverse songs that the explore a very diverse musical landscape that is a hallmark of Sonic Alchemy. From hard rocking alternative, classic, psychedelic, shoegaze and garage rock songs, the Singles, EP's and album named Ethereal nail several musical genres. They reflect the musicians' varied influences and roots. Many of the new EP/Singles feature Steve Johnston on all electric/acoustic rhythm and lead guitars, vocals and all percussion and guest musicians: Michael Mahan (Spectacle) on bass and Greg Wilson (Galleries) on drums. Also Dean LaFarge on Drums on a couple songs. 

Sonic Alchemy have been together since 2014.

The lyrics are grounded in rock and roll yet poetic and poignant. All the songs are expertly made and recorded at high quality studios. The music is produced, recorded, and mixed by Steve Johnston and Michael Mahan (of the band Spectacle). The collection of work is sure to make an impact on the rock and roll scene. All the songs were mastered by top professionals in the Denver area.


Sonic Alchemy may play originals and covers live, but the trio is not playing just classic rock songs one might expect from a local original/cover band. Alternative, Indie, Grunge, and originals pepper the eclectic and musically intriguing set list. The band also hosts excellent guest vocalists and other musicians to keep the music dynamic, fluid and ever-changing.  Just like a box of chocolates spiked with tequila, you don't really know what is going to be served up...but it's going to be a musical journey and it will be sweet.

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7 New Releases for 2022: Getting Close to It (Single), EP - Chimera - 3 Songs - I Can't Stay Long, So Many of You and You Need a Pill for That and Transcend (Single)and Keith (single) and Synthesia- 3 song EP. Also available full Length 11 song CD/online entitled Ethereal available for purchase/shipping. T-shirts, stickers and hats also available in the Store. All Songs are available on all online platforms: Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play, i Heart etc. etc. 

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